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NO.1 Adam, a novice computer user, works primarily from home as a medical professional. He just bought a
brand new Dual Core Pentium computer with over 3 GB of RAM. After about two months of working on his
new computer, he notices that it is not running nearly as fast as it used to. Adam uses antivirus software,
anti-spyware software, and keeps the computer up-to-date with Microsoft patches. After another month of
working on the computer, Adam finds that his computer is even more noticeably slow. He also notices a
window or two pop-up on his screen, but they quickly disappear. He has seen these windows show up,
even when he has not been on the Internet. Adam notices that his computer only has about 10 GB of free
space available. Since his hard drive is a 200 GB hard drive, Adam thinks this is very odd.
Which of the following is the mostly likely the cause of the problem.?
A. Computer is infected with stealth virus.
B. Computer is infected with the Self-Replication Worm.
C. Computer is infected with the Stealth Trojan Virus.
D. Computer is infected with the stealth kernel level rootkit.
Answer: D


NO.2 Which of the following statements about buffer overflow is true?
A. It is a false warning about a virus.
B. It manages security credentials and public keys for message encryption.
C. It is a collection of files used by Microsoft for software updates released between major service pack
D. It is a condition in which an application receives more data than it is configured to accept.
Answer: D

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NO.3 Which of the following types of attack can guess a hashed password?
A. Brute force attack
B. Evasion attack
C. Denial of Service attack
D. Teardrop attack
Answer: A


NO.4 Which of the following commands is used to access Windows resources from Linux workstation?
A. rsync
B. mutt
C. smbclient
D. scp
Answer: C

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